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Digestive disorders are common problems that can be found in adults. Depending on the severity of the digestive disorder, intake and metabolism of nutrients can be altered. The goal of nutritional care is to help alleviate symptoms and improve nutrient intake and absorption, thus facilitating digestion and improving overall well-being. Nestlé Nutrition offers specialized nutrition designed to support absorption and tolerance in individuals with gastrointestinal (GI) impairment. Individuals who require specialized GI nutrition should check with their healthcare professional to determine which specific nutritional formula may be right for them.

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Medium-Chain Triglycerides. This fat source may be more readily digested and absorbed by those who cannot tolerate fat from conventional food.

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Complete Elemental Nutrition with Fish Oil and Soluble Fiber This advanced formula is ideal for those with impaired GI function who are facing high-stress medical conditions. This peptide-based formula is well-tolerated and contains added fish oil.

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Complete Elemental Nutrition. When digestion is a challenge, this peptide-based formula is well-tolerated.

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Complete Elemental Nutrition with Soluble Fiber. The well-tolerated peptide-based source of nutrition for those with GI disorders. Contains a special fiber blend to support digestive health.

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Elemental Powder. This elemental formula delivers 100% free amino acids and a very low fat content for severe malabsorption.

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Elemental Powder. This elemental formula contains 100% free amino acids for those with severe GI disorders.

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Glutamine Powder. The amino acid, L-glutamine is the main fuel for cells of the GI tract. Each serving contains 15 grams of L-glutamine for the nutritional management of conditions associated with GI injury or disease.

Available in:
1 box (14 packets) - $35.99
4 boxes (56 packets) - $118.99

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Elemental Powder. This elemental formula contains 100% free amino acids and a very low fat content to provide nutrition support for those with severe GI impairment.

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Peptamen 1.5 with Prebio¹™ formula is designed to address the nutritional needs of GI impaired patients by promoting tolerance and absorption.

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