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Share Your Story with Us!

Our employees want to hear your story!
At Nestlé Health Science, we are passionate about the role of nutrition in healthcare. Our passion is inspired by YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE with our products. Please consider submitting your story through this site, to share with Nestlé Health Science employees.

What kind of stories are we looking for?
We are interested in the personal stories of people who have found our products to make a difference in their quality of life. It may be someone who depends on our product for their health or well-being, someone who is dealing with a chronic condition, or someone who is battling a life-threatening disease.

Who can submit a story?
Stories may be submitted by the patient or consumer who uses our product, someone who cares for a patient or family member, or a parent of a child who uses our product.

Will you edit my story?
We may condense your story as needed or make grammatical or style changes.

Can I include a photo?
Although not required, we would appreciate receiving a photo of you, to help our employees connect with you and bring your story to life. Your photo(s) should be of good quality and suitable for sharing.

Will an Authorization and Release be required?

  • Yes. All stories must be accompanied by an Authorization and Release, which you must complete as part of submitting your story on this site.
  • Anyone under 21 years of age must include an Authorization and Release from his/her parent or legal guardian.
  • A patient's healthcare professional may submit a patient story with the consent of the patient.

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