Gastrointestinal Disease

Our specialized tube feeding products are designed to support patients with various gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. GI disorders can lead to nutritional challenges, depending on the severity of your condition. It is important to consume, digest and absorb adequate nutrients to maintain health. Our oral or tube feeding formulas provide nutrition solutions for GI-compromised patients, including easily digested nutrients that facilitate enhanced digestion and absorption of essential nutrients such as protein and fat.

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  1. Tolerex®
    Subscription Product
  2. PEPTAMEN® 1.5
    PEPTAMEN® 1.5
    Subscription Product
  3. Peptamen® 1.5 with PREBIO¹™
  4. Peptamen AF®
    Peptamen AF®
    Subscription Product
  5. Peptamen® with PREBIO¹™
    Peptamen® with PREBIO¹™
    Subscription Product
  6. Peptamen® peptide formula container
    Subscription Product
  7. Modulen®
    Subscription Product
  8. MCT Oil® bottle
    MCT Oil®
    Subscription Product
  9. Compleat® Peptide 1.5
    Compleat® Peptide 1.5
    Subscription Product