Pediatric Malnutrition

Our range of nutritionally balanced tube-feeding formulas and oral supplements are designed to meet the nutritional needs of children who are not able to eat by mouth or meet all of their nutritional needs from their diet. Providing appropriate nutrition can help children who are not growing and/ or maintaining or gaining their healthy, doctor recommended weight.

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  1. Peptamen Junior® 1.5
    Peptamen Junior® 1.5
  2. Peptamen Junior®/Peptamen® Jr. formulas in Vanilla, Strawberry and Unflavored flavors
    Peptamen Junior®
  3. compleat-original-pediatric-10
    Compleat® Pediatric Original 1.0
  4. Compleat® Pediatric Organic Blends
    Compleat® Pediatric Organic Blends
  5. COMPLEAT® Pediatric Standard 1.4
    COMPLEAT® Pediatric Standard 1.4
  6. COMPLEAT® Pediatric Standard 1.0
    COMPLEAT® Pediatric Standard 1.0
  7. compleat-pediatric-peptide-15
    Compleat® Pediatric Peptide 1.5
  8. Peptamen Junior® Fiber
    Peptamen Junior® Fiber
  9. Nutren Junior® Fiber
    Nutren Junior® Fiber
  10. Nutren Junior®
    Nutren Junior®
  11. Peptamen Junior® High Protein
  12. Peptamen Junior® PHGG
    Peptamen Junior® PHGG